3 Ways to Spice Up The Romance On Your Caribbean Honeymoon

Saint Lucia screams romance because it is the island for lovers. Let me tell you about my experience sipping Champagne on Rock Pool at Cap Maison. There are so many more things I experienced while there. I cannot want to tell you about these special adventures. 

(1) Begin your adventure by enjoying an interesting mud bath at the Sulphur Springs Park. Have a sensual experience with your love by wiping mud on each other’s skin then washing the mud off in the waters of the waterfall.

(2) Next enjoy the tropical island of St. Lucia by sailing the coastline. Hearing the sounds of a saxophone while sipping champagne and eating delicious food. Use this sunset to remember why you first fell in love.

(3)To top off your experience, visit the Rock Pool located in the Rock Maison. You can enjoy a glass of champagne while sitting on a submerged bench while watching the waves surge the base of the cliff.

 Are you interested in spicing up the romance on your vacation yet? I want you to find romance again on your vacation to St. Lucia. I do not want you to miss out on other romantic experiences in St. Lucia. I would love to help you! Simply reply to this email and let me know how – let’s chat!