Custom Proposal Planning

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Proposing is a beautiful event that should be carefully crafted for perfect execution .  Let us make sure your proposal is the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to your partner! Studies show that 33% of women are dissatisfied with their marriage proposal. Let DLG Travel help you change that 33% to 0% percent. 

Package A: $250

DLG Travel, LLC will get to know you and your future fiancé through a questionnaire and 45 minute video conference session. This will include your interests, previous dates, hobbies, favorite events, etc. We will create the perfect proposal that adheres to your budget, time frame, and location. This package does not include planning your proposal (booking vendors, booking venue, etc). If you would like the full experience please consider option Package B.We will help you create unscripted romance. We will not pull from a list of previous proposals. Your proposal will be catered to your specific likes and interests

Package B: $500

Package B includes everything from Package A and planning of your proposal. We will take care of planning your full proposal, which will include booking vendors (photographer, band, etc), booking location, arranging for any permits if needed, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a customized marriage proposal?

We will ask various questions to get to know you and your future fiancé. This will allow us to know your previous date, dating memories, favorite things to do, budget, time frame, and expectations. All proposals are customized to your liking. We will not pull from a list of premade proposals.

What are some proposal ideas?

Just to name a few: rooftop of a hotel, flashmob, romantic walk in the park, private dinner, game day, helicopter proposal, etc. 

What is the difference between Package A and Package B?

Package A is the proposal idea and details such as where, how, when, etc. Package B includes the idea, details and includes planning such as: booking the venue, booking the photographer, ordering the flowers, etc. DLG Travel, LLC will take care of all of the fine details for your proposal. 

Does Package B include a photographer, flowers, or venue?

It does not. DLG Travel, LLC will assist you with choosing the best vendors. We will then coordinate all vendors to appear at the right time and date. DLG Travel, LLC will take care of all of the fine details. 

How much should I spend?

It depends on what your needs and desires are for your proposal. There is not a set price that will determine how great your marriage proposal will be.


What if I want to drop a hint to my future fiancé on how I want my proposal?


Send us a message and we will come up with an idea to steer him/her in the right direction.