Destination Weddings Frequently Asked Questions

Should I visit the wedding destination before booking?

We recommend visiting the destination if there is room in the budget. This will allow you to see the venue first hand. You can also sample the food, visit local vendors, plan decor, etc. Your time or money would not be wasted on site visit.

How should I choose the destination?

Your planner will be an excellent resource to help you find the location. The planner will conduct in depth research based upon your flight requirements, scenery, budget, number of guests, etc. The number of locations are endless for your destination wedding. Allow a expert to help you narrow down the location

The hotel has an onsite coordinator. Why should I bring my own planner?

The onsite coordinator will assist you with day of operations, but the coordinator will not help you: book vendors (dj, makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer, etc), coordinate travel for your guests, establish a day of timeline, assist with d├ęcor design, and so on. The onsite coordinator is typically responsible for several weddings during the year. It is highly unlikely that you will receive the 1 on 1 attention that you deserve. 

Do we have to pay the travel and accommodations of our guests?

You are not obligated to pay for the travel and accommodations for your guests travel. If you were to have your wedding in your home town, some guests will have to travel. Those guests would not expect for you to payoff their accommodations and travel. You are inviting your guests to experience your special day. They are not required to come.

Can we still receive gifts if we plan a destination wedding?

Yes, you can receive gifts, but keep in mind the shipping or travel costs for the gifts. You may have to ship the gifts home or purchase extra luggage to travel back with the gifts. We suggest you setup a Honeymoon Fund or encourage monetary gifts.

Should we plan for our guests to stay at the same hotel as the wedding?

We suggest you choose a venue that can be both cost effective and convenient for your guests. However, the choice for the venue and accommodations is entirely up to the bride and groom. We are here to assist you.