Destination Wedding Planning

Destination Wedding

Are you head over heels with the idea of a destination wedding, but have come to a realization that there is a vast amount of planning required for a destination wedding? Is your excitement overtaken by an overwhelming feeling of panic and anxiety? If this sounds anything like you, take a breath, we can help you through this! You have taken the biggest step by researching a destination wedding planner. 

Next, you must choose the perfect destination wedding planner. DLG Travel “creates unscripted romance” for all of our destination weddings. Because every client is unique, DLG Travel adopted a personalized approach for every bride/groom’s destination wedding that matches your needs, standards, and budget. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the feeling of relief when you work with DLG Travel because we have you covered from start to finish! 

DLG Travel leverages a vast network to coordinate the best destination wedding in your preferred location. Are you unsure about where to host your destination wedding? We can help you choose the perfect location as well. Let us “create unscripted romance” and make your destination wedding fairytale come true. 

What Should I Consider When Hiring A Destination Wedding Planner?

There are so many wedding planners to choose from. It may be hard to choose just one.  Here are a few questions that can assist you with choosing a destination wedding planner. 


(1) Schedule a consultation: Schedule a video call with the destination wedding planner to get to know their expertise and planning style. The relationship should be a good fit for both the planner and the bride/groom


(2) What is the planner’s experience? experience? A seasoned wedding planner will be able to advise you on the venue, a budget, vendors, and day of coordination. The planner should know whether the destination requires permits, legal paperwork, etc. 


(3) What is the cost of their services? Does their service include full scale planning? How often can you schedule calls? How often can you email them? Will they keep you informed every step of the way?