Frequently Asked Questions

How much experience does DLG Travel  have?
DLG Travel has been in the hospitality industry for several years and has planned numerous weddings. We are highly knowledgeable, experienced and very organized.

Will my coordinator work alone or with assistants?
 DLG Travel, LLC will provide one coordinator for your wedding. You may request an assistant for an additional fee. 

My venue already has an in-house coordinator. Why do I need a day-of coordinator?
The venue coordinator has numerous events per month/per day. Most onsite coordinators will not have the time to provide personal attention to you. DLG Travel will be there from the time you get dressed until the wedding is over. DLG Travel is there to serve you while the venue coordinator is there to serve the venue.

I have a family member who says they can help at the wedding. Is that enough?
When choosing a day-of coordinator, make sure it is someone who will focus on the flow of the wedding and will not be there to enjoy the wedding as a guest. There are many times where brides rely on family members, but the family members feel as if they cannot enjoy the wedding. 

What are some tasks that the coordinator will do?
Ensure gifts and cards are placed in the correct location, assist the wedding party in hair/makeup, ensure cake cutting, first dance, etc. We will also handle additional issues if they arise such as a groomsmen forgets his tux shirt and needs a replacement, the venue lights are too bright, the bride needs her parents to cut the cake, etc.

What are the costs of a day of coordinator?
DLG Travel has a service fee of $1,000.