10 Reasons Antigua Should Be On Your Honeymoon List

If you have never heard of Antigua here are the reasons to put it on your honeymoon list. I recommend this destination for several reasons. I will tell you a few facts that will convince you to visit this awesome place!

1- It is an Independent country and is part of the Commonwealth. First language is English making it easy to communicated with locals. They also drive on the opposite side of the road making for interesting first experience for some.

2- The Islands are part of the Leeward Islands off the coast of Venezuela and between the Dominican Republic and Trinidad and Tobago. Where the Northeastern Caribbean Sea meets the Western Atlantic Ocean. Antigua is the bigger of the two Islands. Which you can do a round trip in about 2.5 hours. A special excursion that sails a circumnavigation of the Island is one of the highlights of my trip.

3- 365 beautiful pristine white sand beaches, clear turquoise blue waters and did I mention palm trees everywhere.

4- Getting there is easy. From Canada with WestJet or Air Canada from Toronto is  a 4.5 hour flight. From USA with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic a 5.5 hours flight.

5-Sun, Beaches and Nature. The beaches are not crowded here. And did I mention mountains. Yes ,they have them too. Great vistas from every angle. I was not expecting views like those from Shirley Heights especially at sunset. You can see the historic Nelson’s Dockyard from up there. The oldest working shipyard today. If you visit during the sailing regatta you will experience some of the finest sailing.  The cruise port is a very busy place. If you choose to cruise there you will be greeted the” Quay”. A pedestrian walk filled with unique shops, resturants and bars. Wandering around you will find colorful exteriors, neatly kept shops and engaging people. You just gotta go!

6-Some of the best Rum. The Caribbean is known for their local rum. Every Island boasts who’s  is the best. There is no way you can go there without sampling the rum.

7-Local fruit and vegetable markets and the warmest people you meet. I love connecting with people and cultures

8-Carnival in Antigua. Once a year in July they have Carnival. The Island changes into this colorful party. The main activity is to partake in the drink and the merriment of parade. Bands dress in lavish bejeweled costumes. Every band a different color.  If you would like to participate for a fee you can be the “Queen” of Carnival for a mere 300 or so US dollars. It is one of those moments you never forget.

9- Environmental Protection. Antigua takes this seriously. Leave no trace is what you will hear the guides telling you. You definitely notice how clean it is  wherever you go. Nature is as important as tourism is to the people of Antigua.

10-Although hurricanes do happen here. As noted the recent Irma Hurricane that destroyed Barbuda. They are rebuilding and travelling there supports  this effort.

Now if you have fallen for this Island like I have, put it on the bucket list & give me a call today!